Outdoor Fitness

7 Reasons Why I Love Outdoor Group Workouts

Working out in groups or the outdoors (bootcamp!) is a great idea! Put them together and it’s even better! Check out my reasoning:

  1. Spending time in the outdoors has be proven time and time again (by real studies and by my own accord) to reduce stress, anxiety, depression and make you feel more connected to yourself and the things that really matter. There’s just something about all the fresh air just makes everything feel better! As a bonus, you’ll also get some vitamin D!
  2. You’ll meet new people! The best part is that the people you will meet are also looking to get more healthy, fit, and spend time outdoors. Everyone knows that when you are trying to be more healthy, it helps to be around other people that are too. Your new outdoor workout friends can help keep you accountable, share your struggles, cheer you on, and who knows, maybe share a recipe or new workout they’ve recently done!

  3. Working out in groups boosts your own physical efforts. Seeing other people working hard makes you want to work harder and the cycle continues in the group! It’s a nice dose of camaraderie and teamwork.

  4. Working out in groups saves money! Classes are typically much cheaper than a one-on-one session with a personal trainer and you still get that great workout!

  5. Group workouts are typically designed for all levels. The trainer can offer modifications to the exercises to make it harder or easier. Introduce yourself to the trainer at the beginning of class and let him or her know if you have any injuries or types of exercises you may need modified. This makes it a great way to get your friends that are new to fitness to workout with you!

  6. Outdoor workouts can involve the local environment or use no equipment at all! Maybe there is a park bench you can use for push-ups or triceps dips. How about a wall squat against a tree? Or an exercise could be as simple as racing the other group members across the yard in a crab position! Outdoor workouts are fun and entertaining and tend to go by quickly!

  7. Lastly, being outdoors for a group workout simply allows your workouts to be mixed up. If you typically always do workouts inside at a gym, lifting weights at home, or doing a workout dvd, a bootcamp class may be a nice twist for you!

I feel happier, refreshed, accomplished, and sometimes more tan when I am done! I host two outdoor fitness classes per week in Standish! Click the “classes” tab for more information or feel free to email me for more info or any questions at Amy.Kilburn623@gmail.com.

Now let’s get out there and enjoy that sun!


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