I love my job!

I became a personal trainer because of my love for health, fitness, and nutrition. I played volleyball in college and fell in love with being fit and constantly challenged. No, I don’t have a fabulous story on how I lost a lot of weight and then wanted to help others do the same. I don’t know what it’s like to be over weight, but, let me say, I DO know what it’s like to PUSH. To be pushed. To push myself. To get better, faster, stronger, smarter, and more balanced. These are things that a person can do at any fitness level. Something that is easy for one person may be hard for another. There’s always a way to increase the challenge to match your level of fitness as you get in shape! This intrigued me and I decided to get certified as a trainer.

I love my job as a personal trainer. I love to prove to my clients that they CAN do what I’m asking them to do today…And tomorrow. I see them get stronger, lose weight, correct imbalances/relieve chronic pain, gain balance and core strength, and watch their confidence grow. I love that I get to work with people in some of the most exciting, challenging, and emotional moments in their lives. My job is not only to make workout plans and show them good form, but to support them in any way I can. Some days I am their therapist and listen. Some days we laugh together and share what is going on in our lives. Some days it is more quiet, and some days I have to tell them to stop talking and get to work! Some days I help with their diet and suggest recipes, brands, and products. All of these types of days are okay with me because my job really is to support my clients in any way that I possibly can and any way that they need me to so that they can reach their goals.

All my clients know that they can text me, call me, or email me any time- maybe about which food is healthier, what exercises they should do for back pain, which body parts need to be stretched for a sore knee. I try to be flexible about rescheduling and understand completely that I am working with people’s lives. They’re busy, tired, sick, sore. Things happen! One thing, though, I demand the same respect back that I give them. I need my clients to keep an open line of communication with me. No lying or lame excuses here! Lying about your diet is only going to hurt YOU, not me. I may not be happy if you eat a pint of ice cream and a few beers every night, but it may help me figure out why your plan isn’t working.

I love to help and push people to be better physically…AND mentally. Help your trainer to help you: be honest to yourself and those around you.

Amy 🙂

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