Keeping Track

I know that TIME is a big reason why a lot of people don’t work out or start towards living a healthier lifestyle. Most people have a hard time balancing work, relationships, households, children, pets, and any recreational activities they may enjoy, let alone trying to squeeze in fitness, healthy eating, meal prepping, etc. I have a few ideas for these people!

1. Keep a journal of your time for an entire day, or a few days! Write what time you wake up, how long it takes you to get ready for work, how much time you spend cooking, cleaning, caring for children, watching tv, driving, checking your Facebook or emails, etc. A lot of people will find that they actually do have time for some quick workouts. I am not saying you need to go to the gym for 2 hours! Maybe you’ll find that you watched a 30 minute show and were on the computer for 15 minutes! There is 45 minutes right there! You could go out for a jog, do some quick weight lifting in your living room, or prep tomorrow’s healthy packed lunch. You could even do your workout WHILE you watched your 30 minute show! Or maybe you found you have the tendency to take a lot more time to do a certain task than it really requires by getting distracted or just moving slow. Keeping a journal will help you figure out just exactly where all your time slips away to!

2. Keep a journal of your food the entire day! I know you’ve heard this before and that’s because it works. Write down every single thing that you ingest for the day and the times. This includes how much you ate of it: 4 skittles, 1/2 oatmeal, small handful of nuts, a large french fry, etc. You could even write down how you were feeling when you ate it: starving, tired, bored, upset, rushed, etc. Possibly, you could do the same with how you feel after: ashamed, stuffed, just right, bloated, sick, energized, etc. This will teach you to really take a moment to think about what you are eating and nourishing your body with and how to tweak your diet. It will teach you which things you don’t feel so great about eating, which foods make you feel crumby after, what times you tend to be hungry, and maybe it’ll eventually keep you on track by being a means of staying accountable. You may learn that you are always tired when you eat your snack at 3 pm. Then maybe you could try eating something at 2 pm before you end up having this crash.

3. Get into a routine. Try to wake up and go to bed at the same time every day, preferably early on both ends. It may be hard in the beginning but if you can get up 30 minutes earlier each day to sneak in a workout DVD, jog, etc., you won’t have to worry about it the rest of your day! You will start your day on the right track: happy, energized, healthy, and motivated to do better throughout the rest of the day. You’ll also have an easier time falling asleep, if that tends to be an issue for you!

Make the best of your time, efforts, money, and health!
Amy 🙂

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